At Augusta Aquatics we want to provide the highest quality product for our clients. Apart of that service is featuring top of the line products in the features we build. In an article featured in AQUA Magazine, written by Eric Herman, features a debate amongst pool contractors detailing which type of filter is best for pools. In response to the article, Filtration Nation, Tim Coleman shares his opinion about water filtration and why Augusta Aquatics recommends a side mount, hi rate sand tank with Zeolite.


Eric,Thank you for bringing this filtration subject to light. As a design/build contractor, our of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, Augusta Aquatics LC, highly recommends the use of a side mount, hi rate sand take with Zeolite media for our clients. We have been going this route for about seven years now and find the water clarity to be stunning compared to traditional pool sand media. Depending upon whose research you trust, as far as microns, we believe that the Zeolite outperforms cartridge filters in clarity and certainly in ease of maintenance for the homeowner or their service company.The upfront cost of the Zeolite, compared to sand, has kept many a builder, service company and homeowner away from the product, according to a distribution seminar we attended this past winter. Our arguments against that narrow thinking are 1) clarity of water, 2) extended filter 3) the eventual replacement cost of cartridge filters and perhaps the most important element of all, the owners time. The time it takes  a homeowner or service tech to clean a sand (Zeolite modified or not) over the time it takes to disassemble a cartridge filter, rinse the debris from the cartridge (how much water does that take?) and reassemble the tank. We are in the luxury lifestyle business. How many of you out there really want your clients talking about how long it takes to take care of their pool every week? Wouldn’t you rather have them talking about how easy and inexpensive it is to take care of the pool and how they enjoy it as opposed to working on it? Don’t you want them bragging about the clarity of the water and low cost maintenance? We applaud those of you using the variable speed pumps and 24/7 filtration and sanitation. You are providing your clients a true service.Please do not get us wrong. We do occasionally use a cartridge filter. For example, when the filter pad shrinks (I imagine this has happened to all of us) and the filter footprint goes from 36″ to 24″ and the pool has not become any smaller. When we install features that require secondary filtration, such as Laminars or Sheer Waterfalls. Finally in those cases where a cartridge system has been specified as a waste water outlet is unavailable for whatever reason.


Happy Filtering!