Naturally when people think of a swimming pool they think of the fun they, their family and guests have in, around and under the water, the convenience of a pool at their home along with the pride of achieving a portion of the American Dream. These thoughts turn when they consider safety issues, maintenance and the expense of maintaining a pool.

Eco–Smart Aquatics combines safety with low maintenance and energy efficiency to create owner ease of mind and greater value for the life of your swimming pool. The intent is to make your life easier, use of your pool more fulfilling without sacrificing safety, too much energy paid out to utilities and your energy caring for the pool.

SAFETY is often thought of as the protection of children in and around the swimming pool and rightfully so. As parents, grandparents or guardians we want nothing to happen to our kids while they enjoy the water, under our supervision. With Eco–Smart Aquatics, Augusta Aquatics addresses many of the unseen factors that can make a pool a dangerous place even for a well supervised child or adult.

  • Barriers – Beyond responsible adult supervision the next greatest protection for our children are approved . These include powered safety covers, alarms and appropriate fencing.
  • Drain Covers and other suction devices require special attention in design and application. Augusta Aquatics has Certified Build Professionals supervising each design and installation.
  • Suction Dangers from covers are only a part of this issue. Plumbing (pipe) size, to these covers, is directly  linked to the unseen dangers that we hear heroic and tragic stories  The reality is the smaller the  pipe diameter used in your pool system the greater the suction at the pool itself. Augusta Aquatics  appropriately  sizes  the  pump and filter  with the piping to  protect you and  yours from potential dangerous situations.  In Eco–Smart Aquatics we use even larger pipes with the correctly sized pump and filter to further reduce the danger.  The pipe, filter  type/size  and pump size  also  have  a  direct  impact  on  maintenance  and energy  efficiency of your well designed swimming pool or spa.

LOW MAINTENANCE of a swimming pool is not as lofty a goal as it once was. With Eco-Smart Aquatics from Augusta Aquatics, you are provided with several options that are safe, have lower maintenance costs over the life of the pool, save your time every swim season and are energy efficient as well.  It’s having your pool and enjoying it too!

  • Keeping the pool clean used to mean dragging out a bulky hose, a long pole, vacuum head and then priming the hose, hooking up to the filter system and hoping it all works. It was time consuming and unfortunately it didn’t always work! Today keeping the pool clean is far easier with in-floor cleaning systems, robotic cleaners and advanced designs. Eco–Smart Aquatics offers all of these options in such a way as to maximize your pool enjoyment and minimize your hands on cleaning.
  • Filters & Sanitation systems have improved dramatically from the old days. Augusta Aquatics Eco-Smart Aquatics systems are designed with Energy Star pumps, filters that keep your pool cleaner for a longer period of time and with less hassle so they don’t keep you from enjoying your pool. On the sanitation side there are salt chlorine generation systems, alternative sanitizers and automation that takes most of the work away from you.
  • Circulatory System – The reality is that the piping that goes to and from your pool can be compared to your body’s arteries and veins. The larger and more unobstructed the piping is the better the health of your pool. When your blood pressure is too high, due to constrict your health expenses go up, sometimes dramatically.

By: Tim Coleman January 2015