When purchasing or considering purchasing anything consumers have an unwritten and typically unspoken set of values that they are expecting from the salesperson and/or the company they represent. Swimming pools are not an exception to this set of values and thus this document has been developed for the use of consumers who are specifically in the in ground swimming pool market.

Consumers Basic Sales Expectations

  1. Initial Contact – A pleasant initial live person to talk with, either in person or over the phone that will gather the consumers’ particular basic information and offer some expertise on the product or service being offered. If the product or service is prepackaged (one size fits all) then pricing should also be made available. (In ground swimming pools do not fit this category, as every home, family and situation is different. Therefore an at home appointment is required in order to provide a proper proposal.)
  1. Appointment Scheduled – If the original contact person does not have enough knowledge or experience to assist the consumer or if they need to gather additional information from the consumer or their home, acknowledgement of this and the prompt, convenient scheduling of an appointment with the proper person is in order. In other words the initial contact should offer politeness and value the consumer’s time.

An appointment, at the consumer’s home and convenience should be scheduled promptly with the appropriate company representative.

  1. Information – Offer the consumer information to review the features and benefits of the product or service or to simply evoke ideas about various styles and amenities. This can be on line, through literature, a CD, or some other method that provides them with pertinent information at the consumer’s leisure.
  1. If an appointment has been set by both parties then it is reasonable to expect that the sales representative be their on time, if not early.
  1. The sales representative should be prepared to discuss the consumer’s project as determined by the initial interview process as mentioned in #1. He or she should be able to provide general information to assist the consumer in determining what is the best swimming pool to meet the needs, wants, desires and budget.
  1. The consumer should expect customization of their project to a degree that they are satisfied with the basic structure, colors, textures, shapes and sizes of the pool. Further the consumer should expect the sales person to interview the property to determine access, pool and equipment pad locations, locations of fixtures, landscape and hardscape issues that may affect construction of more importantly how the consumer will use and enjoy their pool when it is all done.
  1. The company sales representative must be able to back all promises up in writing so as to assure understanding by both parties. There should be no “grey areas” of responsibility and the consumer has every right to expect, at a minimum, what has been agreed to.
  1. No pressure. It is a lot of hard earned and easily lost money. It should be looked at as an investment in family and home and not a quick score for a salesperson. The buy decision is a consumer’s right and not one manipulated by a crafty trickster. At the same time the salesperson should be ready to proceed when the consumer has made their decision to move forward.
  1. Thank you. As the consumer you should be thanked by the salesperson for your business. It would not be inappropriate for the owner of the company to call and thank you as well and to assure you have been treated well during the sales process and that you are scheduled and to confirm that you will be getting the pool of your dreams.
  1. Follow – up. Salespeople should not disappear once they have your money. They need to follow up and make sure that you are getting the pool and amenities you contracted for and nothing less. If there exists a need to add, delete or change something during construction then it should be through the salesperson so that everyone is on board with a written understanding.

At the end of the project the salesperson should follow up to confirm the entire process has met with your approval and satisfaction.

  1. Professionalism. The consumer should be treated with courtesy, respect and integrity at all times.

The purchase and installation of a home swimming pool should be a presentation and service custom to each consumer. It is an even exchange of value and should be a win-win for all involved. The salesperson, in order to serve the consumer and his company’s best interests needs to establish a rapport and more importantly an understanding of the consumer’s needs, wants, desires and budget. Failure to do this may ultimately be a failure of the entire project and dissatisfaction of all involved.

Consumers should expect high ethics from the salesperson and the company that he or she represents. When completed properly the salesperson needs not to exert pressure to sell, but rather the consumer, satisfied that the salesperson has done their job, will exert desire to buy. Closing of a well-crafted agreement is a victory for everyone and the establishment of a quality relationship.